Curriculum Overview

Principles and values

At The Polesworth School we believe that the curriculum consists of all activities which have an effect on studentsā€™ learning, development and achievement as individuals. Therefore, we see the curriculum as including:

  • The formal programme of timetabled lessons;
  • All extra-curricular and out of school activities;
  • The way students and teachers treat each other;
  • The organisation, management and leadership of the school.

We are absolutely committed to delivering a curriculum with the individual student at the centre, which is right for them, inspires them to learn and ensures that they acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need for success within our school, for their next steps and for life.

The curriculum which we offer and the intent behind it are underpinned by a core set of principles that shape and define the way we work with the students in our care and the community we serve.

Our three main types of achievement are:

Academic: where students are challenged to achieve more than they ever thought possible. We aim to create autonomous and ambitious learners who succeed regardless of their socio-economic background. This is possible through quality first teaching, personalised learning and superb support, advice and guidance.

Relationships: where excellent relationships for learning form the basis for all types of achievement. Relationships at Polesworth are founded upon a mutual trust and respect between all members of our community where high standards and expectations of oneself and each other are the norm.

Letting your light shine: where all the young people in our care can achieve something, they can and should be proud of every day, in addition to their academic achievement. We have a fundamental role in creating well-rounded and well-educated individuals who are able to make a difference to the society in which they live.

Curriculum Aims

Deliver a curriculum with breadth, balance, coherence and progression for all students in order to:

  • Pass on the essential knowledge and skills needed to be well-rounded and well-educated individuals who are able to make a difference to the society in which they live
  • Create autonomous and ambitious learners as preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
  • Develop their potential through personal development, positive relationships and the development of individual talents

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of curriculum planning, implementation and impact is carried out in line with the schoolā€™s Monitoring and Evaluation Schedule and takes the form of subject reviews, learning walks, lesson drop ins, student, staff and leader interviews. The curriculum delivered in each subject will be reviewed annually by Heads of Department and Subject leaders to ensure the sequence of delivery allows pupils to build on their knowledge and that pupils are sufficiently stretched and challenged. The curriculum hours and subjects offered will be analysed by the senior leadership team and governors on an annual basis.


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