At The Polesworth School we believe that the curriculum consists of all activities which have an effect on students’ learning, development and achievement as individuals. Therefore we see the curriculum as including:

  • The formal programme of timetabled lessons;
  • All extra-curricular and out of school activities;
  • The way students and teachers treat each other;
  • The organisation, management and leadership of the school.

We are absolutely committed to delivering a curriculum with the individual student at the centre, which is right for them, inspires them to learn and ensures that they acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need for success within our school, for their next steps and for life.

Our underlying principles

The delivery and content of the curriculum is based on the following principles:

  • Breadth of curriculum to ensure that students work across different areas and continue to develop all four elements of learning – skills, concepts, attitudes and knowledge.
  • Balance to provide students with the opportunity to achieve across the curriculum with a higher degree of personalisation and specialisation as they move through the school.
  • Coherence, continuity and progression to promote students’ development in a continuous and progressive way and to extend this beyond our school by building upon the work of our feeder schools and preparing students appropriately for their next steps when they eventually leave our school.
  • Relevance and purpose so that curriculum continues to meet the present and prospective needs of students and that it clearly relates to the personal experience of our students, adult life and the wider world of work.
  • Personalisation through differentiation and choice so that the curriculum accurately matches the levels of ability and learning needs of all of our students to enable them all to succeed. The curriculum must also recognise that they have different interests, aptitudes and aspirations and therefore provide students with a degree of choice in what they study, both within and between subjects.

Curriculum Content and Organisation

Years 7-8

All students in Years 7-8 study a core of 13 subjects. All students study English, Mathematics, Science, French or German, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Drama, History, Geography, PE, ICT and Technology.

Years 9-11

In Years 9, 10 & 11 all students study a core of seven to ten subjects (English language, English literature, Mathematics, Combined Science or separate Sciences, Religious Studies, Geography or History and core Physical Education) which aim to provide our young people with a broad and balanced diet. Students are also able to pursue further GCSE and vocational courses of their choice which allows for a degree of specialization and personalisation according to students’ interests and aptitudes.

For Year 9 starting September 2018 curriculum pathways will be in place where, through significant advice and guidance students will choose the pathway which enables them to succeed and builds upon their strengths. The pathways have been tailored to the needs of the students on them through the curriculum time allocated to core subjects. In addition to this, students will be able to personalise their curriculum within the pathway through the choice of subjects and the balance between academic GCSE courses, GCSE courses with practical elements and a range of vocational courses.

The pathways and details of the courses on offer will be distributed to the parents and carers of current Year 8 students at options information evenings and published on the Curriculum tab when they are finalised.

Years 12-13

Sixth form students at The Polesworth School follow a curriculum of four courses of their choice with a wide choice of academic A Levels and vocational qualifications.  The intention is for students to pursue all of their courses through to the end of Year 13 although individual circumstances are considered. Each course is allocated ten lessons per fortnight, including one less of directed independent study.

For more information on the Sixth Form including the courses offered please click the Sixth Form link on the About Us tab.

The wider curriculum

All students attend a twenty-five minute tutorial session four times a week plus one session as an assembly. These sessions are delivered in mixed age tutor groups and contain aspects of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education, Citizenship, Literacy, Numeracy, Economic Awareness, Health Education, Internationalism and Careers. This work is supported by a number of Extended Learning Days throughout the year.

All students in our school follow a programme of Careers Education which involves, among other things, work experience in Year 10, careers fairs, outside speakers, university events and one to one interviews with our qualified Careers Advisor.

While at The Polesworth School students have the opportunity to participate in a thriving programme of extra-curricular activities and opportunities including sports clubs, performing arts and local and overseas visits. While many of these are organised and run by staff, students play a significant role in assisting with organisation and ideas.

For more information about our school curriculum including our aims and the time allocation for subjects please click here.