Working Together to Safeguard Children

The Polesworth School is committed to the safeguarding of all our students.  As such, we understand that multi-agency working is essential in safeguarding children. Our duty to protect the students in our care from significant harm, depends on our effective joint working with a range of external agencies, named below.  Early help is also provided through excellent pastoral support and the initiation of Early Help Assessments, where required.

Miss Jo Howell, Deputy Headteacher, is the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead Teacher and Miss K Downing, Mrs J Bailey, Mrs D Williams, Mrs J Grigg and Mrs B Knight are all Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads. Any concerns about student safety should be referred to any of the above members of staff.

In school we currently work with a range of agencies, both internal and external, to safeguard and support the students in our care. These include:

Children’s Services

To ensure students are fully safeguarded both in and out of school.

School Nurse

To offer medical and health advice.

Local PCSOs

To offer mentoring support and to address antisocial behaviour.

Warwickshire Young Carers

To offer support and access a monthly ‘Drop-In’   at school.

CHAT NHS Partnership

offering contraceptive advice for young people.

In addition, we also provide a number of support groups for our students. These include:

Attendance Support Groups

To support students who are having difficulties to attend school consistently

Careers Advisor

To discuss post 16 options and further education.

Social Skills Groups

To address the importance of good communication skills.

Anger Management Groups

To address anger and develop skills to manage anger.

Behaviour Support Groups

To address concerning behaviour identified in school.