Careers Department

My name is Chris Davis and I am the designated Careers leader at the Polesworth School. I am an experienced level 6 qualified Careers Adviser who as the Careers education Co-ordinator has responsibility for providing students with impartial Careers information, advice and guidance as well as delivering and developing Careers education within the school and managing the Year 10 work experience programme.


Contact the Careers Department :

E-mail: c.davis@thepolesworthschool or Call: 01827 702205 and ask for the Careers department.

Careers department aims

The aim of the Careers education and guidance offered at Polesworth school is to help every pupil be informed and aware of all their different progression options as well as help them to recognise and develop their employability skills, career and job aspirations and be as equipped and prepared as possible for when they leave school.

Careers Policy and Plan

The school has a Careers Policy and a Careers Plan, both of which are reviewed annually, the Careers plan shows all the Careers activities undertaken throughout the academic year.

I am pleased that the Polesworth school in recognition of its careers education and guidance work has been awarded a Quality Standard kite mark for Careers by Prospects valid up until December 2020.

Careers advice to students

Any student from any year group can come and see me for a careers interview. There is an open door policy in the Careers Department with no restrictions on the number of appointments pupils can have. Personal guidance is provided at key transition points for Year 8 with options, Year 11 with post 16 choices and for year 12 and 13 with progression onto Higher education, Apprenticeships, Employment or for Gap year plans.

Support for Parents/Guardians

I am available for appointments on the designated Parents consultation evenings and am also happy to see Parents/guardians if they wish to discuss any Careers related matter for their Son or Daughter, or have Parents attend any Personal guidance interviews with their child. Please call me at school to arrange this. I would also like to encourage Parents to get in touch if you have a Careers question or query please contact me via my e-mail

Careers resources for students to access

Here are a selection of useful web sites and some Careers software resources purchased to help pupils explore Careers and Jobs, investigate what careers might suit them as well as looking at progressions choices post 16 and 18. To access Jobs explorer database JED and Higher Ideas see Mr. Davis for the Polesworth school code to enter both packages then go onto and sign in.

Careers Library – Where to find out about different Careers and Jobs

On Jobs Explorer database JED under the Job search tab there are over 700 job profiles  video clips of various Careers video clips of Careers

Exploring what Career might suit you

On JED on menu Suits me Quiz tab run through the bigger quiz to help explore what Careers might suit you.

On click on student then free careers questionnaire and take the Spartan test. 

Sixth Form and College search

Apprenticeships  National apprenticeship service website can create an account and search vacancies via your home post code, town or city.

University Research

Higher Ideas on to explore what to study with your A-levels   University and College Admissions Service who you apply through



Gap Year

Career Profiling and Psychometric Testing

Aptitude Tests

Employers can ask applicants to complete short tests as part of an assessment day or interview process that can include numerical, verbal and reasoning tests here is a link which will enable you to undertake free practice tests: Practice Aptitude Tests 

CV Templates

Year 10 CV Template

Year 11 CV Template

Sixth form CV Template


We welcome Employers into our school to support and help deliver our Careers education programme. Students do really benefit from input from Employers and this does have a very positive impact on raising aspirations and motivation. If you would like to help especially with any sessions on preparing students for work experience and or employment please get in touch with me.

Work Experience

We welcome any Employers who contact the school who are able to offer work experience placements for our Year 10 pupils. If you are able to offer a placement please do get in touch.