Duke of Edinburgh Award

Application Letter 2022

Here are The Polesworth School we currently offer the Bronze and Silver levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The DofE is a flexible programme that helps to develop young people for life and work.

It brings together four key elements:

  • a skill “Developing practical and social skills and personal interests” This can be anything from cooking/baking to a musical instrument to animal care.
  • a physical activity “Improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities” This is any from of exercise; team or individual, water sports, going to the gym or even walking!
  • a volunteering project “Undertaking service to individuals or the community” This covers any activity that benefits other people. Students can help in school clubs, at a youth group like Scouts, Guides or Cadets or volunteer with a local charity.
  • a camping and hiking expedition that students plan. Over the school year students will meet once a week to learn skills such as map reading and cooking on camping stoves. They then plan their own routes, meals and kit list ready for the expeditions.

Both levels have a practice expedition, usually during the spring term, and then their qualifying expedition in the summer term. Bronze will do their practice near/in Cannock Chase and their qualifying in the Peak District, while the silver do their practice in the Peak District and their qualifying near Craven Arms in the Shropshire Hills.

Over the course of the award students are expected to undertake approximately 1hr per week in each of their skill, physical and volunteering elements. They then collect evidence and are assessed by relevant adult. After their expeditions the evidence for these is collected and assessed by an independent assessor.


Physical Skill



Age 14+

(Year 9-10)

3 months in two elements

6 months in one element – You choose

Plan, train for and complete a 2 day 1 night expedition

Age 15+

(Year 10+)

6 months 3 months in one

6 months in the other

3 days

2 nights