Welcome to The Library

The School Library reopened in May 2001 after an extensive refurbishment.  Since then it has gone from strength to strength and is now an integral part of school life for students and staff.

Visit https://polesworth.oliverasp.co.uk/library/home/news to search the library catalogue, reserve books and learn more about the library!

It provides broad, balanced and relevant resources to give students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to be effective lifelong learners.  The fiction section is kept well stocked with the latest and best of children’s and Young Adult fiction to encourage a love of reading.  There are Graphic Novels, Audio Books and DVDs, as well as a selection of magazines, periodicals and daily newspapers to cater for varied tastes.

The Library has a dedicated Sixth Form area  This has a wide range of resources to support Year 12 & 13 Courses and students are free to use this as a quiet study area at any time, when it is free.

There are 14 desktop and 15 laptop computers which can be used by students wishing to do research, complete or print off work.

Events throughout the year

Author visits/Book Signings

World Book Day activities

Harry Potter Night

Book Promotions

Reading Awards

Librarian Training

The Stationery Shop

This is accessed through Parent Pay and items purchased can be picked up from the Library.  Please look at the Shop on the School Web page to find out what we supply and the prices.

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday: 8.15am – 4.00pm

Friday: 8.15am – 3.30pm

The library is open at break times for all students, but there is a rota in place during lunchtimes as follows:

Year Group Lunch Time
Year 7  Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Year 8 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Year 9  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Year 10  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Year 11  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
6th Form  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Students can use the facilities before and after school, during break and lunchtime for book selection, research, homework completion or just for a quiet place to sit and read.  Alternatively, there are a selection of games; chess, draughts, Sudoku and other games to challenge the little grey cells.

Our mission is to provide a supportive, stimulating and safe environment, where students can research, do homework or just read for pleasure in a welcoming, calm and comfortable atmosphere.