Pupil Librarians

The Student Librarian Programme enables pupils to get involved with the running of the Library and to have a positive impact on the school community, whilst developing skills for leadership and teamwork.

This programme gives pupils skills by allowing them to work together to make a difference to the library and the school as a whole. All applicants will be trained in various aspects of library administration and are rewarded with a certificate on completion of each stage. The skills they gain are transferable across the curriculum and in the world of work.

Why should I volunteer?

As a pupil librarian you can make a valuable contribution to the running of the library by:

  • helping to develop the services
  • running special events such as book fairs,¬†storytelling¬†sessions
  • helping the school librarian
  • helping other library users ‚Äď pupils or staff

Perks of being a librarian:

  • Have a say in choosing new books for the library.
  • First choice on any new books