Welcome to The Polesworth School

Welcome to Polesworth!

I am Mr Rosten-Smart and I am in charge of Transition at The Polesworth School, I am also the SENCO here. If you have any concerns relating to transition or any special needs please get in touch with me. My email address is p.rosten@thepolesworthschool.com

Transition between primary and secondary school can be a time of anxiety for both students and parents. We are hoping that we will be able to run our transition events as normal this year and will aim to make your child’s transition as smooth as possible.

Our Induction Day will take place on Wednesday 10th July and there will be a parents evening on 10th July from 6.00 pm.

There will be other events taking place at the school prior to the summer holidays which we will let you know about nearer the time

We wanted to keep you up to date with some of the things that are happening to make this year’s transition possible…

  • We are already in contact with Year 6 staff from all the schools that your children attend and are gathering information about your children that will help us to allocate them to the appropriate teaching groups.
  • The Transition Coordinator has already visited many of the schools and will soon be meeting with all the teachers to gather information
  • At the bottom of this page there is a link to the school handbook, which is full of information about how the school works, what equipment is needed, where to get uniform from etc. Currently this is last years booklet and will be updated after Easter. There is also a link to a booklet produced by Warwickshire County Council to assist with transition.
  • We have already allocated students to Houses and if a language was requested this has been taken into account.
  • Students will be taught in the same mixed-ability group for most of their subjects. Extra support is available for those that need it. The Pastoral team and the Inclusion team work very closely.
  • You will all receive a letter in the middle of June which tells you which tutor group and which teaching group your child will be in. It will also tell you which language they will be studying.
  • You will also receive some information about how to gain access to our MyChild system, which is one of the ways we communicate with home (parents’ evening appointments, reports etc.) and some information about Parentpay, which is the cashless payment system that we use.
  • If you are wanting to buy items of uniform you can do so through the uniform section on the website. Our uniform suppliers are still operating as normal so there should not be any issues and there will be uniform sale held at the start of the summer holiday

We are conscious of the fact that this can be a difficult time for all, and urge you to get in touch if you have any concerns (big or small), or if you have any information that you think we should know about. Please contact Mr Rosten-Smart on p.rosten@thepolesworthschool.com

Transition Handbook

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Moving up to Secondary School Booklet

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