PSHE, RSE and Citizenship

At the heart of our programme is equipping our students with the necessary skills for them to become rounded, resilient, driven individuals.  Our programme provides information, discussion and reflection.

Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education

We see this as a fundamental duty to care for the health and wellbeing of every student. This includes focused personal, social, health and emotional education. School catering provides a healthy eating programme, including being fully compliant with the school nutrient and food-based standards. Physical activity, emotional health and well-being, including anti-bullying is a significant focus across the school. Lessons include personal safety, community, healthy eating and lifestyles, drugs and smoking education, stress management and self-management.

Relationships and Sex Education

The vital areas of moral and social development, understanding sex education and mutual respect and responsibility are taught in year group classes on off-timetable mornings over the academic year. Sub-topics include: positive and healthy relationships, emotions, hormones, an understanding of sex and relationships, consent, contraception, self-image, peer pressure, STIs, sexting, body image and further related topics. Topics are delivered as appropriate for each year group.
Parents may, by law, withdraw students from all but the AIDS/HIV part of the course if they wish but would, we hope, contact the Head of Year first to discuss the programme.

Parental Guide to RSE

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

We provide rich learning experiences which enable students to create working relationships with their peers; we encourage healthy tutor group and house rivalry and a sense of competition. Students engage in the development of their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, debating, expressing their opinion, agreeing, disagreeing and listening to the points of view of others.
We aim to present a range of issues allowing thoughtful discussion and encourage students to explore traditional and non-traditional definitions of spirituality and to think about and develop their own beliefs.

We promote tolerance, questioning and understanding even when we disagree. A theme running through SMSC is the promotion of the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, along with mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Financial Literacy / Numeracy

This area focuses on debt, budgeting, banking and financial products. In addition, students learn how public money is raised and spent.


Citizenship education aims to equip students with key knowledge and understanding of rights, responsibilities, democracy, crime, justice and how our country is run.  We have carefully mapped key content as well as drawing on current affairs whenever possible to ensure that students are prepared for their lives beyond school.


We embrace environmentally sustainable practices and care about its place within the local community. We have solar energy operational in key areas of school and have adopted sustainable practice on all recyclable materials. Areas of the school have been adapted to focus on biodiversity and green/natural space. Local produce is always sourced to provide support for our local community wherever possible. Sustainable education and projects are across the curriculum and available for all ages.

Stress Management and Wellbeing

We all suffer from stress at certain times in our lives and we are aware that students within our school do too.  We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and understanding about causes of stress, how the body responds and why and when and where to seek help.

Global Learning and Development Education

Our global learning is rooted in fundamental beliefs: that we gain a greater understanding of ourselves when we can see through the eyes of another; that no culture has a monopoly on wisdom or expertise: we can all learn from each other: and that our world is both a huge village, whose diversity we have to celebrate and a tiny planet, whose future we have to safeguard.

This area of our curriculum aims to challenge students to think beyond their own lives and to consider the global view in contemporary issues.  We invite them to consider big questions and to consider multiple perspectives and to engage their critical thinking skills.  Content will be broad and current.

Careers Education

At the core of Careers Education at Polesworth is enabling students to explore their Career ideas, make decisions and prepare for transition to further or higher education and ultimately working life.  Careers Education is taught through PSHE sessions but also involves work experience, careers interviews and applications beyond school.

Mr C Quinney
Associate Head Teacher