The House System

The House system has always been an important part of our school, with each student placed upon arrival into one of our four Houses.  Each House has its own coloured tie as follows:

Arden – Green

Kenilworth – Blue

Stratford – Yellow

Warwick – Red

Our House system has been in place since 1968 and remains a source of great loyalty and pride among past and present students with many parents even requesting that their children go into their old House.  While Year Groups are important for teaching students in an age appropriate way, Houses enable us to widen their experiences with cooperation across all ages from Years 7 to 13.

Our aim is for our House system to ensure a strong sense of community among students as well as encouraging all of our school community to engage in healthy competition.

Our Assistant Heads of Year have the responsibility of organising and leading a wide range of House activities including inter-House sports and photography competitions and even an inter-House Bake-Off.  Our annual Sports Day is also a time when House pride comes to the forefront with staff and students alike at their most animated as they strive to be the best.  All of our House events are designed to ensure that over the course of an academic year all students will have an opportunity to engage in something purely for pleasure, beyond the taught curriculum.

Another important aspect of our House system is the opportunity for Houses to raise money for their chosen charities throughout the year.  This year, the team are keen to look at new ways of fund raising with the potential again for healthy competition in the fund raising itself!

Student Leadership is a crucial part of our school and every year, in addition to our Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl elections and our Student Voice elections, House Captains are also elected to lead key House events.  These students are supported by staff to plan and co-lead all of the House events and initiatives on offer.

Our school is very proud of its House system and we are committed to making every member of our school community feel a strong sense of belonging from the minute they first walk through our school gates to the day they leave, having completed their exams.