Pastoral Care at The Polesworth School

At The Polesworth School, we are proud of our dedicated, caring pastoral team. Made up of teachers and non-teachers, the team work together to ensure all students are safe and that every student is given the very best opportunities to meet their potential and ultimately to succeed in the adult world.

Our team is as follows:

Pastoral Team


Miss J Howell

Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss K Downing

Assistant Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Mrs S Harris Head of Arden House
Mrs C Shafiq Assistant Head of Arden House
Mr R Price Head of Kenilworth House
Mrs L Dishington Assistant Head of Kenilworth House
Mr R Ravenscroft Head of Stratford House
Mr C Peake Assistant Head of Stratford House
Mr P Rosten-Smart Head of Warwick House
Miss J Jackson/Mrs R Williams Assistant Heads of Warwick House

Mrs L Munn

Assistant Headteacher and Head of 6th Form

Mrs J Bailey

Student Support Manager (Kenilworth and Warwick), School Counsellor/Deputy DSL

Mrs D Williams

Student Support Manager (Arden and Stratford),
School Counsellor/Deputy DSL

Mrs B Knight

Student Support Manager – Academic (6th Form)/Deputy DSL

Mrs L Kiteley

Student Support Manager – Pastoral (6th Form)/Deputy DSL

Mrs J Owen

Youth Worker

School Counselling and Advisory Service

In addition to our strong team of pastoral staff which includes Tutors, Heads of House and our Student Support Managers. We also have our confidential support and advisory email service.
Students’ emotional wellbeing and concerns such as those listed below can be addressed by students or their parents speaking to pastoral staff or by students emailing for confidential support and advice.

Some of the issues for which support is provided are as follows:

  • Difficulties in school and at home
  • Friendship and relationship concerns
  • Bullying – bully and victim
  • Managing anger
  • Personal skills
  • Family concerns
  • Exam pressure and nerves
  • Careers and post 16 advice
  • Health and medical concerns
  • Bereavement
  • Stress and anxiety

To strengthen the Counselling and Advisory Service we offer in school, we have qualified counsellors and mentors who will listen to both students and parents. Together with pastoral staff, they will also use their expertise to seek coordinated help for students, where appropriate, from external agencies or professionals.

Attendance and the Education Social Work Service