Contingency plan to enable students to continue their education in the event of a school closure due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Year 9

It is our expectation that students who are well but self-isolating due to other family members being ill or who are at home due to a school closure will continue to use their time to study the subjects on their timetable. The plans to support this for a short-term closure are outlined below. If schools are ordered to close for a longer time these arrangements will be reviewed.


Subject Useful website/topic/tasks
Maths Hegarty Maths
English KS3: Standard punctuation and grammar


Year 8 – Reading skills for the novel:

Science All year groups have Educake that they can use for all topics. BBC Bitesize is great for KS4 9/10

Free science lessons is great for KS4 Yr9/10/11 Seneca is good for KS3/4/5 All sciences


Biology Year 9

Chemistry Year 9

Physics year 9

Geography Year 9 Geography – Exam board AQA


History Year 9 vision/2/

Use the information to mind map social reform and the reasons for change.  access learning and questions on People’s Health.

RS Year 9:
Languages Kerboodle (all have log ins) Quizlet – vocabulary learning tool

Duolingo – vocabulary learning tool GCSE Bitesize

aqa – german / French GCSE past papers and mark schemes

youtube – fremch / German videos & films – German news – French news – French news / articles

unit 2 german vocabsports

unit 2 german vocab hobbies

LESSON 7 musicvocab





All the tenses




(20 websites that range from advice, how to and wiki-style pages). Heavy emphasis on digital media e.g. Photoshop a3817526.html

Useful article (KS4 and 5) (good advice and guides for themes) (wiki style art encyclopaedia) KS3 (Useful for GCSE)

(another list of lots of arts related websites which vary in type and target audience)

All subjects for teachers and parents, they are giving free access ZpvF_GHBFfs3YE

Great free online photo editing

KS4 and 5 exam resource help

Year 9 TBM

Please look at this and support this worthwhile cause. Photograph your work before you send it!

UK Schools Art Challenge



Please use the following sites and complete tasks or enjoy watching some high-quality theatre performances:

KS4 –

Year 9/10 – watch Metamorphosis and A Disappearing Number In addition, students should use Digital Theatre Plus 

Username: pinter

Password: Harold1

This logon will expire on 1st April



These are sampling/looping websites where students can create and compose their own tracks


KS4: Click on the KS4 tab – L2 BTEC – Unit 1 Definitions and key word in the unit 1 exam

PE Yr9 

Cambridge National Sports Science 




  • Ideas for maintaining fitness

Create your own game


Technology Year 9/10 Child Development –

Year 9/10 Engineering, Resistant Materials – BBC Bitsize

Year 9/10 Engineering, Graphics and Resistant Materials Year 9/10 Food – British Nutrition Foundation      cf_chl_jschl_tk     =e8213ff05632f7fbb9f76e465d0d271be3c1 834f-1584101201-0-AfEoWbsQvUONYsvR5ziKaj5JLR1XdQgX4-TYTI3gPQGeg-

OnfQ_1TMlUJYbwTJCz-aOUKdPiem6963fTgR5NwHvxPS9S- 1PuotR79RYzwem5NCK2fpQdMCW1m5pOdF8_LjupPBU1QTaJGZCHzRUtwheG1Q0hEOYGaAtj7J 2tejqcuQa0zdFgShEZz5BdQA2uJ3hYHQZdV8-K5fNWJYhuH4d7mfM9MQNhhBVnKWkr- IT20ap7cZj0j-548-_TU7IlHf5bJJuYfI2TaFHrHPnFx_CBEnKIa0LzDKa-


IT Year 9

IT – IDEA Instructions

R081 Videos: h6VMrxTw8z

Pre-production documents 8z&index=5

Mood boards kYTuG6k&index=6&list=PL27vaenVnLtYyEunitZKTAkh6VMrxTw8z

Mind maps 6VMrxTw8z

Scripting h6VMrxTw8z

Storyboards 6VMrxTw8z

Camera Shots h6VMrxTw8z

File Formats w8z&index=7

File Compression w&list=PL27vaenVnLtYyEunitZKTAkh6VMrxTw8z&index=10

Target Audience

Target Audience Classification xTw8z&index=15

Primary vs Secondary Research 8z&index=16

Work Plans 6VMrxTw8z

BBFC Certification & Classification



Business Year 9 &10 GCSE Business and BTEC Tech Award



Retail Business Please use the revision techniques on the handout to study the Unit 2 topics from the attached booklet.

Retail Business Unit 2 Key Terms and Knowledge booklet (WJEC)

Revision techniques

Travel Year 9/10 create portfolios based on current events in travel and tourism but NOT the Corona- virus. Therefore, websites suggested: for health and travel Foreign and Commonwealth Office World Health Organisation on global warming and wildlife issues Facts and details about the world and current issues