Contingency plan to enable students to continue their education in the event of a school closure due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) โ€“ Year 7

It is our expectation that students who are well but self-isolating due to other family members being ill or who are at home due to a school closure will continue to use their time to study the subjects on their timetable. The plans to support this for a short-term closure are outlined below. If schools are ordered to close for a longer time these arrangements will be reviewed.

Subject Useful website/topic/tasks
Maths Hegarty Maths

Week 1-5

Guidance for KS3 Maths Work ~ Week 1 – 5

Maths Task Bank ~ Week 1 – 5

Maths Exercise Pack ~ Week 1 – 5

Week 1 Answers

Week 2 Answers

Week 3 Answers

Week 4 Answers

Week 5 Answers

Week 6-9

Guidance for KS3 Maths Work ~ Week 6 – 9

Maths Exercise Pack ~ Week 6 – 9

Maths Task Bank ~ Week 6 – 9

Week 6 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 6 – Task Bank Answers

Week 7 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 7 – Task Bank Answers

Week 8 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 8 – Task Bank Answers

Week 9 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 9 – Task Bank Answers

Week 10-14

Guidance for KS3 Maths Work ~ Week 10 – 14

Maths Exercise Pack ~ Week 10 – 14

Week 10 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 11 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 12 – Exercise Pack Answers

Week 13 – Exercise Pack Answers

We have also been preparing lessons for each of the topics provided in the Task Bank and Exercise Pack, to support your child in completing these activities. These can be found at the following link and are being updated frequently:

Click here to watch the videos.

English Accelerated Reader

KS3: Standard punctuation and grammar quizzes: Year 7 โ€“ Shakespeare:

Year 8 โ€“ Reading skills for the novel:

Year 9 – Romeo and Juliet:

Science All year groups have Educake that they can use for all topics.

BBC Bitesize is great for KS3 7/8


KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Earths Structure

KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Interdependence

KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Speed

KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Universe

KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Light and sound

KS3 Year 7 Science Independent Learning Booklets – Variation

Geography Year 7 BBC Bitesize โ€“ Mapskills

Seneca d2a84b0dd81f/section/65d21d76-5850-4c5a-8114-4ab838d1822f/session

History King John and the Magna Carta Y7 Home Learning

King John Info and Qs – Home Learning

The Magna Carta ranking

RS Year 7: Buddhism
Languages Kerboodle (all have log ins) Quizlet – vocabulary learning tool

Duolingo – vocabulary learning tool


(20 websites that range from advice, how to and wiki-style pages). Heavy emphasis on digital media

e.g. Photoshop (good advice and guides for themes) (wiki style art encyclopaedia) KS3

(another list of lots of arts related websites which vary in type and target audience)

All subjects for teachers and parents, they are giving free access GHBFfs3YE

Great free online photo editing

Y7 home challenge

Please look at this and support this worthwhile cause. Photograph your work before you send it!

UK Schools Art Challenge

Drama Please use the following sites and complete tasks or enjoy watching some high-quality theatre performances:

KS3 โ€“ Year 7 – watch Macbeth


These are sampling/looping websites where students can create and compose their own tracks

30 Day Music Challenge


  • Ideas for maintaining fitnessย

Create your own game



Technology Year 7/8 Tech โ€“ food a fact of life /BBC Bitesize D&T โ€“

IT Year 7

IT – IDEA Instructions Risk and implications of IT, Copyright, safety. KS3 Computing tab – IT and Digital Literacy sections IT Legal Framework Computer Viruses Health and Safety