Travel & Tourism

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  • Travel and Tourism is the UK’s third largest employer which equates to 10% of the working population.
  • It employs over 3 million people in UK and 292 million worldwide.
  • It is worth £121 billion to the UK economy, which equates to 10% of GDP.

BTEC Level 2 Tech Award = 1 x GCSE

(Accepted by all colleges and universities and has the same value as any other GCSE)

The course is made up of three sections called components :-

  • Component one: Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations.
  • Component Two: Influences on Global Travel and Tourism
  • Component three: Customer Needs in Travel; and Tourism

The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award is assessed in a much fairer way than standard GCSE qualifications. Students are assessed throughout their three years on specific projects called assignments.

  • Component one:Travel &Tourism Organisations and Destinations  =30%
  • Component Two:Influences Global Travel &Tourism (external test) =40%
  • Component three:Customer Needs in Travel &Tourism                   =30%

Sixty percent of the course is internally assessed. Teachers have to pass an OSCA test which means they have a qualification to mark work and grade it for the exam board. The exam board then take a sample of the work called Standards Verification to check the teacher has marked all work correctly.

All the Travel and Tourism teachers meet and regularly check that each are marking fairly, this is called Internal Moderation.

When is each component taught…

  • Component one: Travel &Tourism Organisations & Destinations YR 9
  • Component Two: Influences Global Travel &Tourism (external test) YR 9/10

(Students will take their real exam in January yr 10 and resit if necessary in May yr 10.

This is a two hour exam worth 60 marks which are then translated into points)

  • Component three: Customer Needs in Travel &Tourism YR 10/11

How is the Work Assessed and Graded

40%     External Test

60%     Internally Assessed by teachers.

Travel and Tourism Standards

All students must use the Travel and Tourism font…. Comic Sans. This is a standard set by the exam board as it is one of the most user friendly fonts for students of all abilities.

Students need to set up folders in their learning area:-

  • Travel and Tourism (Main Folder)
    • One (subfolder)
    • Two (subfolder)
    • Three (subfolder)

This means that students can find their work and teachers can also mark their work electronically as all work should be filed and in the appropriate folder.

Being Individual

Students are encouraged to produce work that meets the assignment brief in a number of creative ways.

Students can work to their own strengths.

The majority of work is on the computer, this allows modifications and development of exploration work to be achieved before the assessed assignments are distributed. This means that students can often achieve grades above those expected as they have rehearsed work in preparation and have their own examples to refer to.

We aim for all student to achieve L2 pass or above. However, the exam unit may mean a student gains a L1 qualification as default.

Students are encouraged to come back and lunch or afterschool to develop work if they do not achieve their expected progress in lessons.

R2 and Mrs Dandy is always available every lunchtime and afterschool.

Trips and Adventures

We need to go on trips to collect evidence for the assignments. Students will complete a practice assignment and then be given the actual assignment based on a similar component of the travel and tourism industry.

Unit One – UK Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations

Learning Aim A – Organisations

Practice Assignment : Flamingo Land (Internet research)

Real Assignment: Drayton Manor Park and Zoo (Visit and talk TBC)

Learning Aim B – Destinations

Practice Assignment :Stratford Upon Avon (Internet research)

Real Assignment: York (Visit and tour TBC)

Unit Two – Exam unit.

Unit Three – Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism

Learning Aim A – Market Research

Practice Assignment : Drayton Manor (Internet/previous trip research)

Real Assignment: Alton Towers or Longleat (Visit and talk TBC)

Learning Aim B – Holidays

Practice Assignment : Jamaica & New York (Internet research)

Real Assignment: Lanzarote & Paris (Disney) (Visit to Paris TBC)

The potential trip to Paris would be in Year 10 so that evidence is collected ready for assignment deadlines in year 11.