Introducing Your Year 7 Team

Hello, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you all into the Polesworth family. It truly is a wonderful place to be and you’re very lucky to be attending such a brilliant school.

We’re really excited to be your Head and Assistant Head of Year and we can’t wait to help you settle in and begin what will be a fantastic journey!

Along with our amazing team of Form Tutors, we’re responsible for your pastoral care and will be with you for 5 years. We’ll be supporting you to make the right decisions and helping you continue to develop into a fantastic human being with a high work ethic who treats other people with respect. If you have any problems in school, it’s us who will be helping you resolve them.

We will be the main link between home and school, we’re really looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you and your family and developing a successful relationship so we can all work together to support you. We’re passionate about continuing to strengthen the link between home and school.

We’ll help celebrate your successes (both inside and outside of school), so please share these with us.

There are so many things to look forward to, from building on your strong academic foundations to new experiences inside and outside the classroom – we urge you to fully make the most of every opportunity which comes your way. The staff at Polesworth School work really hard to provide you with additional opportunities in many areas such as sport, drama, music, art, technology and lots of other subject specific clubs. It’s really important that you try different things and find a hobby which interests and inspires you.

It might seem a long long way off, but time will fly by and it won’t be too long until we’re getting out the photos from your first few days at Polesworth and comparing them to the 16 year old adult standing in front of us.

We’ve got so many things planned to help you settle in to life at Polesworth, but if you or your parents have any questions, however small, please get in touch with us.

A bit about us:

Mr White

Name: John White

Subject: (I LOVE teaching) Maths.

Teaching fact: It’s really important that students tell me if I’ve said something they don’t understand, this way I can help support their learning better.

Outside Polesworth: I have two boys who keep me busy!

I enjoy most sports and over the years have spent a lot of time playing rugby, judo and going to the gym. I’ve recently succumbed to peer pressure and I’m slowly getting into cycling!

I also spend time reading and watching movies.

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself 2 targets (please encourage me!):

1)      Run a half marathon (I am not a natural runner!)

2)      Improve my Spanish or French (I wish I could speak to my younger self and tell him how useful and interesting learning a language would be). I’ll be starting with very little knowledge!

Contact :

Name: Hannah Higgins

Subject: Dance and PE

Teaching fact: All my students will know, if you are struggling to remember key terms or something important, I make up dances and and rhymes for them.

Outside Polesworth: I spend a lot of time running and walking. I’m hoping to get a dog called Arnie next year. I also teach dance outside of school and love to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. 

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself 2 targets (please encourage me!):

1) Start cycling- be able to go on a long cycle for many miles with either my dad, Mr Hockridge or Mr White. 

2) Run the London marathon in the next 5 years. (only once though)

Contact :

Mrs Ridley


Name: Trish Ridley

Subject: History

Teaching fact: We are all entitled to our opinions, we should always listen and respect what everyone has to say, even if we disagree.

Outside Polesworth: I have two cockapoo dogs so I’m often out walking. Being in the mountains is my happy place, I enjoy travelling and exploring new places around the world.  I lived in Tanzania for 3 years.

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself a target (please encourage me!):

  1. To run a marathon (a huge life goal of mine)
  2. To improve my cooking skills (I’m a terrible cook!)

Mrs Dryburgh

Name: Sara Dryburgh

Subject: Psychology

Teaching fact: As my subject is only taught at Key Stage 5, I mostly teach just Sixth Form.

Outside Polesworth: Aside from Psychology, my other big passion is live music. I like to spend my time out of school seeing as many bands as possible! I also play guitar (which is a great way to unwind). I love to travel as and when I can. My favourite place to visit is California as there’s so much to see and do. I have a little boy who keeps me really busy, but if I have any spare time I like to read and watch movies (I’m a big Marvel fan… which is lucky as my son is superhero mad!)

Target: To make sure you get the most out of your time here at Polesworth 🙂

Mrs Jevons

Name: Ann Jevons

Subject: I teach Design and Technology

Teaching fact: I like to get to know my students so that I am best able to support them whilst they are at The Polesworth School.

Outside Polesworth: I have two children of my own. Mathew 33 and Sarah 29. I am also a full time foster carer to Olivia. I also respite foster 5 boys who are all autistic.

I enjoy going fishing and camping but most of all going to different countries to explore. I like to read, go to the cinema and do my garden where I grow my own vegetables so that I am able to feed the family.

Target: Before you leave us at Polesworth I would like to be able to:

1)   I hope to be fluent in Spanish as I am learning to speak Spanish in my spare time.

2)   Improve my knowledge of Makaton which is a type of sign language.

Mr Castledine

Freddie Castledine

Subject: English (the best subject, of course!)

Teaching fact: No question is a silly question in my classroom! So if there is anything you might need to help you understand better, don’t be afraid to ask!

Outside Polesworth: I enjoy baking in my spare time, I challenge you to make a better Lemon Drizzle cake than me! I also keep tropical fish, I find looking after them is a great way to unwind. I’m also a huge film buff! I thoroughly enjoy going to the cinema, however you won’t catch me saying that a film is better than a book! Reading is a life-long passion that is my go to if I want to escape reality for an hour or two!

Target: I am setting myself a target to expand my knowledge of different cultures. I have visited Vietnam, Australia and America so far. If you visit any different cultures please come and tell me about your travels! I would love to hear about your experiences!

Mr Roberts

Name: Mr Roberts

Subject: All things awesome in Science!

Teaching fact: I like it when students tell me they are unsure about something or how to solve problem, that way we can all accomplish it together, as a team!

Outside Polesworth: I am a keen musician; I travel around the country with my tribute band. I also have 2 sausage dogs that like to keep me on my toes when I am home. I am a keen sportsman; I cycle and I still play competitive football at the weekends.

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself 2 targets (please encourage me!):

1)   Cycle from John O’Groats to Lands’ End (that will take some encouragement and commitment!)

2)   I want to learn 1 new thing or fact very week, knowledge is power and we should never stop learning! Feel free to tell me any interesting facts that you may have found or learnt!

Miss Mason

Name: Harriet Mason

Subject: Science – Physics (I get far too excited about Science)

Teaching fact: I love class discussions! I like to know what you think and I enjoy answering questions about the weird and wonderful world of Science! Be curious about the world around you! Don’t cross the line though, you may regret it…

Outside Polesworth: I am forever listening to music! Whatever the day, the weather, the mood, I have a playlist for it! I’m also season ticket holder for the Mighty Potters (Stoke City Football Club) so I spend most weekends at the home games.

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself 2 targets (please encourage me!):

1)   See one new musical in a theatre – one for each year you’re here!

2)   See Bayern Munich (or Germany) play at the Allianz Arena!

Miss Kelly

Name: Lauren Kelly

Subject: Maths – I love doing problem solving activities, but graphing is where I draw the line.

Teaching fact: I love the versatility of Maths and using multiple representations to show the same problem. If there’s a way to visually represent a problem, it will be on your page… So have your pencils at the ready!

Outside Polesworth: I am a big animal lover (especially dogs) so I’ll spend a lot of time walking and playing with my family dogs. I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes because I think it’s amazing how much you can do with food! To balance out all the food I enjoy eating, I have taken up running which I do every week. I have started to build up the distance but I’m unsure whether I enjoy it yet!

Target: Before you leave Polesworth I am setting myself 2 targets (please encourage me!):

  • Run further than 10k – (hopefully) a half marathon
  • See more of the world – at least one European country each year!