Religious Studies At Key Stage 4

All students follow AQA Religious Studies. The programme of study begins in Year 9 and is examined with two exams at the end of Year 11. Students will be expected to show their understanding of religion through the application of teachings from religion and beliefs. They will also be expected to make specific references to sources of wisdom and authority including scripture.
The modules covered are:

The Study of Religions

Christianity: Beliefs and Practices
Islam: Beliefs and Practices

Thematic Studies

  1. Peace and Conflict
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Relationships and families
  4. Religion and life


This course aims to give students opportunities to:

Acquire knowledge and develop understanding of the beliefs, values and traditions of Christianity and Islam

Consider the influence of the beliefs, values and traditions associated with these religions

Consider religious and other responses to moral issues

Identify, investigate and respond to fundamental questions of life raised by religion and human experience, including questions about the meaning and purpose of life

Develop their own thoughts and beliefs in relation to the religious and moral issues studied


Students will:
Acquire knowledge of beliefs and values
Consider the influence of these beliefs and values
Consider responses to a wide range of moral issues
Investigate and respond to important questions of life

GCSE Results 2018

98.2% – grade 9-1

68.9% – grade 4+

21.4%  – grade 7+

Career Prospects

A student who has successfully followed this course of Religious Studies will be well prepared for any career that involves working with moral issues (police, social work), working in any social situation (teaching, sales and marketing), and all multi-cultural orientated careers. The course fits well with further studies of the Humanities and Social Science, Law and of course A Level Philosophy and Ethics.