Religious Studies at Key Stage 3

Over the course of KS3 students will cover the six major world religions. Students are introduced to the key beliefs and practices of believers in the UK and around the world and have the opportunity to compare these with their own lives.

In year 7 we look at the three main eastern religions; Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. We cover the origins and festivals of these religions, as well as the key beliefs they hold on God and society. This will allow students to gain a wider understanding of religion in our society and the wider world as well as providing an opportunity for comparison with the culture and traditions they are more familiar with. The first ILP homework focusses on beliefs on life after death and is a chance for students to develop research and comparison skills. The second ILP will focus on key terms students will need in RS in the following years.

In year 8 we move on to Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, culminating in a study of the ethical views of these on modern day issues. These topics are a chance for students to develop their comparison and evaluation skills as well as an introduction to the themes and knowledge required for their GCSE studies. The ILP homeworks focus on important beliefs within Christianity and Islam and ask students to research and consider the key beliefs within these religions as well as their work within the community.