Modern Languages at Key Stage 3

All our students start the study of French or German when joining the Polesworth School in Year 7.  Half of the year group studies one language and half studies the other.   Students are allocated to a language by the school.  Both halves are of mixed ability and contain roughly equal numbers of boys and girls. Where parents have a very good reason why their son /daughter should learn one of these languages rather than the other (e.g. they are native speakers of German or French; they have close family ties in France or Germany; they have a holiday home in one of the countries) parents are able to request that their child be placed in the appropriate half-year.
There is opportunity for students to opt for a second modern language from scratch within the school options system at the end of Year 9.

We have native French and German speaking assistants working in school with our students, either in small groups or team teaching or support in the language classroom lesson.

In Year 9, there is an opportunity to visit France or Germany. During those trips, students are given the opportunity through language challenges to practise and develop their language skills in different environments.  These trips are extremely popular.

For any queries about languages at the Polesworth School, please contact Mrs K McLay on 01827 702205 or email :