Revision Videos:

Revision For Medicine

The following are links to videos on You Tube that cover the main areas of the medicine course:

Prehistoric Medicine

The Ancient World

Egyptian Medicine




Roman Public Health

The Middle Ages
Overview of Middle Ages


Religion and Medicine in the Middle Ages

The Renaissance
Excellent overview




The industrial Revolution


and another

Public Health


Joseph Lister

Pasteur and Germ Theory

Pasteur and Vaccinations

Florence Nightingale

The 20th Century


The American West

Key Dates

Bored? Why not use movie maker to make your own on a different topic?

If you do let Mr Fellows know and he will put it here so others can share your work. Year 11, you will get many points if it’s accurate and useful to others for their revision.

Remember you can use the revision downloads for the information you will need. It can be on Medicine or the American West. If you are unsure how to use movie maker see Mr Fellows. It’s really easy, quick to do and looks very impressive.

If you’re in year 10, you can still make one. We can discuss your reward, or even just make note of your points for next year!

Here’s one someone in America did as a school project. It’s good, but I’m sure YOU could do better!

**Note: YouTube Videos Will NOT Work In School**