History at Key Stage 3

KS3 at Polesworth offers interesting and engaging lessons across a wide chronological time period.

In Year 7, students developing their understanding of how changes have occurred in Britain and Europe from the Romans to the Tudors. Students will investigate issues of power and control across the  medieval period as well staying to assess significant individuals and events.

In Year 8, those themes develop with examination of some of the defining moments in British history such as the civil war and industrialisation. Students will be able to experience conditions of the period by visiting the Black Country Museum.

In Year 9, students analyse the tumultuous events of the nineteenth century across the globe and KS3 concludes with an overview of 20th century world history. The study will encompass social developments such as women’s suffrage, the wider implications of the First World War and the rise of Nazi Germany before considering the Second World War, the holocaust and beyond.

Exciting and historically rigorous, KS3 at the Polesworth School is enjoyed by students and readies them for the challenges of their GCSE course.