Welcome to the Geography Department

“You can travel the seas, poles, and deserts and see nothing. To really understand the world you need to get under the skin of people and places. In other words, learn about Geography.  Michael Palin.

At The Polesworth School we have a dedicated team of teachers who are passionate about teaching Geography and work hard to enthuse our students about our dynamic and ever-changing subject. Our team consists of Mrs Rutherford, Mrs Hockridge, Mr Tench, Mr Reece and Mr Reynolds.

Throughout Year 7 to 13 we study current issues that affect both the human and physical world around us. During all key stages, students gain a detailed understanding of how people and the environment interact through studying exciting and relevant topics such as Plate Tectonics, Population Issues, Settlement, Development, Natural Hazards, Coasts and Rivers among numerous country studies.

Fieldwork is a vital part of our curriculum. We take students on regular field trips to enable students to engage in the world around them and bring their class work alive.  Day trips to Conkers (mapskills), Alton Towers (Tourism), Birmingham (Microclimate), Bewdley and Ashes Hollow (Rivers)  facilitate a varied range of data collection methods for small scale investigations while residential trips to Dorset and Snowdonia allow for a more in-depth approach to Coastal and Glacialtion studies. International field trips to Iceland, Ghana, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands have also proven extremely popular with students.

We strongly believe that knowledge of place is key to appreciating the incredible world we live in. The addictive Traveller IQ Challenge game is a good place to start on improving your knowledge of locations around the globe. We challenge you to beat 642,539 points! Have fun!

Mrs Rutherford & Mrs Hockridge (Heads of Department)