GCSE Dance

  1. Do you enjoy dancing?
  2. Are you a creative person?
  3. Do you want to learn more about professional dance pieces and how they are created?

GCSE Dance is an exciting and interesting qualification which is open to all pupils.

Students practically develop technical, physical and expressive skills individually and through group work. Within GCSE dance students study both choreography and performance skills as well as communication and respect to others.  Within the course you are able to analyse and learn choreography from professional pieces whilst also studying technical elements.

AQA GCSE DANCE—Practical – 60%

For this qualification you will be assessed practically in the following two areas:


Set phrases through a solo performance

(approximately one minute in duration).

Duet/trio performance.


Solo or group choreography created by the student (you are assessed based on your choreography only).

AQA GCSE DANCE—Theory – 40%

For the qualification you will be assessed theoretically in the following three areas through an 1hr 30 minute exam:

Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills.

Critical appreciation of own work.

Critical appreciation of professional works.

The six professional works you will study are:

 – Emancipation of Expressionism

– Shadows

– Infra 

– Artificial Things

– Alinha Curva

– Within Her Eyes

What career paths could I follow after studying GCSE Dance?

Professional Dancer – the dream could be reality!

Choreography – use your skills to create your own dance pieces.

Dance Teacher – passing on knowledge and inspiration to others.

Dance Journalist — write about what you like to watch, or even reviewing other dance works.

Administration — work at a theatre or sports centre.

Dance  Photography — getting right next to the action.

Use the skills learnt and developed theoretically in all aspects of your future careers.

If you are interested please speak to Miss Higgins or Mrs Williams in the PE dept.