Why choose GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Studying Food Preparation and Nutrition is beneficial for those wishing to work in the Food Industry, Medicine, Nursing and Health Care. Many food retailers employ food and nutrition specialists to develop new food products. Food advertising and food journalism are also areas of considerable growth. This course offers many opportunities and can be a step towards a Level 3 qualification/A level.

The Course

This GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food     materials. At its heart, this qualification focuses on nurturing     students’ practical cookery skills to give them a strong  understanding of nutrition.

Food preparation skills are integrated into five core topics

  1. Food, nutrition and health
  2. Food science
  3. Food safety
  4. Food choice
  5. Food provenance

What is assessed?

Theoretical knowledge of food

preparation and nutrition from the 5 core topics

How it is assessed?

Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes

100 marks

50% of GCSE

Coursework: What is assessed?

Task 1: Food investigation —Students’ understanding of the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients.

Task 2: Food preparation assessment — Students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the planning, preparation, cooking, presentation of food and application of nutrition related to the chosen task.

Students will prepare, cook and present a final menu of three dishes within a single period of no more than three hours, planning in advance how this will be achieved.

How it is assessed?

Task 1: Written or electronic report including photographic evidence of the practical investigation.

Task 2 : Written or electronic portfolio including photographic evidence.

The Exam Results

The performance of our Food students in the past has always been good to   outstanding.

The main explanation for this superb track record is that the students who choose Food enjoy it and want to do well.

This coupled with staff commitment and high expectations produces highly  successfully outcomes.

Choose food if you:

  • Enjoy cooking
  • Have high expectations
  • Like completing projects
  • Want to experience food from other cultures
  • Want to develop food practical skills
  • Like working in a supportive environment

For further information please talk to your food teacher or email Mrs Miller-Jones h.miller-jones@thepolesworthschool.com