Welcome to the Business Studies Department

Business Studies is an exciting option to take at GCSE and A Level. What did you see when you turned on the TV today? Listening to the radio? Walking into your local shop? Business is all around you. Competing for your custom and persuading you to be brand loyal.
Business Studies will introduce the technical language of business and industry alongside subject specific theories and concepts. It will also encourage you to use your analytical and evaluative skills in solving business problems in a contextual manner.

Economics is a subject offered at A Level. It is a subject that is widely regarded by higher educational institutions as it provides a solid foundation of social science.

The course of study is diverse and ranges from the fundamental forces of supply and demand, international trade, exchange rates, globalisation and most importantly instruments used by Government to solve problems faced by society. It will also enable you to develop enquiring, critical and evaluative opinions about economic issues in the UK and global economies and real life example are discussed.