GCSE Fine Art – Time Based Media

An exciting Fine Art course with a strong foundation in painting and drawing.
The course provides ample opportunity to develop the skills necessary to move on to more advanced courses and careers which involve Art.

The Time Based Media course will give students the opportunity to develop skills in film, photography and animation during their coursework and controlled test.

Students will be introduced to a range of art, craft and design from the past and recent times, including European and non-European examples. Their response to these examples will be shown through a variety of practical activities, which will demonstrate the students’ understanding. Students will be introduced to time based media through some or all of the following:

1. Drawing

2. Painting

3. Collage/photo-montage

4. Printing

5. I.T. (Photoshop)

6. Photography

7. Animation

8. Film (video installation)

Coursework 60%

a) Together the two coursework units take approximately 16 months from the first planning and development of ideas to the finishing of both projects.

b) A range of activities will be undertaken during the course.

c) Both units to be selected and submitted for assessment.

Controlled Test 40%

a) Will include a range of topics and stimulus material from which candidates will be required to select one.

b) Ten hour time limit.

c) The Spring term is allowed for preliminary/supporting studies.

Career Prospects

The course is a start for further study in many design based jobs, such as animator, architect, art teacher, art therapist, broadcast media careers, commercial and industrial designers, costume designer, exhibition designer, fashion and textile design, illustrator, interior designer, makeup artist, set and exhibit designers, web designers and new media, to name but a few.