KS3 Art

At KS3 students follow a broad curriculum which is grounded on a model that uses the formal elements of Art; Line, tone, colour, pattern, texture shape and form.

Topics include:

In Year 7:

Natural Forms (Basic drawing skills and colour theory)

Collages (Colour Groupings e.g. Warm, Cool and Earth colours)

Christmas Card Competition (Using Patterns and Design)

In Year 8:

Assemblage (Focal point and Composition, how to blend colours)

Illuminated Letters (Collage and the use of letters in Art)

A Journey (The use of maps within Art)

In Year 9:

Identity/Portraiture (looking at the History of portaiture in Art and how to use proportions)

Art from other Cultures (The diverse use of Art from around The World)

Viewpoints (An open ended project, that allows students more autonomy within their work)