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Tourism is vital for the British Economy.

It is Britain’s 3rd largest export earner.

Contributes £129 billion to the economy.

It is worth 9.6% to GDP.

Employs 3.1 million and is the 4th largest industry in the UK, in terms of contribution to the economy.

BTEC First Travel and Tourism is a vocational subject. It provides a link between education and real life. All lessons on based on real businesses.




Source: (Deloitte November 2013)

The Travel and Tourism industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, despite recent economic setbacks. In the past ten years there has been a huge increase in the number of business and leisure passengers travelling. Budget airlines have contributed to expansion of the short-break market. This has led to the expansion of regional airports, in the UK and Europe. In addition there has been a rise in hospitality management enterprises. This has subsequently created a demand for a hugely flexible skilled work-force.

The industry has identified key skill gaps in customer service, destination geography, business skills and working with children.

This course is delivered in conjunction with links made within the industry. The course will involve working directly with these organisations to collect, analyse and evaluate information for the course.