ICT – Course Summary

During Key Stage 3 students cover a variety of topics using a wide range of resources.

The ICTcurriculum aims to teach students a variety of skills. It contains:

– Opportunities to develop students’ confidence and skills in computing concepts including; programming, encryption, web design, networking, internal computer architecture, database design and the convergence of new technology.

– Plenty of annotated exemplar work, providing students with information and examples that will enable them to raise their attainment.

– Extension activities to stretch the more able students.

– Fun, relevant topics that appeal to Key Stage 3 students.

– A focus on e-safety in each year group.

Skills you will learn:

Year 7

– Safe and effective file management.

– Learn the basics of algorithms for programming.

– Learn how to use programming software to create animations and games.

– Understanding different computer components including hardware and software.

– Understand the importance of safe Internet communication.







Year 8

– Understand the digital world including legal issues and the impact of computers on society.

Be able to create an algorithm to solve a particular problem, making use of programming constructs.

Be able to code an algorithm into a high-level programming language.

Learn how to write webpages in HTML and CSS using different software.

Learn about famous Computer Scientists throughout history and their impact on technology today.


Year 9

– Learn about wired and wireless networks and network topologies.

– Understand how information is transmitted through the Internet using packets and protocols.

– Learn about network security including Cyber security threats and how to prevent them.

– Understand environmental, ethical and legal impacts of using technology.




Students are internally assessed throughout Key Stage 3 following the whole school Assessment Schedule. Students will receive both written and practical assessments to monitor their theory knowledge as assess their practical computing skills.


At Key Stage 3 we use a wide variety of different resources to cover the breadth of the Computer Science curriculum. Each student has access to all the resources required via the school shared area and also via our Frog Virtual Learning Environment. In addition to the resources are many different teaching methods and revision activities to prepare students for their formal assessments.