ICT Facilities

ICT is taught as a standalone subject to all of key stage 3 and is optional at key stage 4. We have a dedicated ICT for delivering discrete lessons and one further cross-curricular computer suite. Sixth Form has its own computer suite, designated for their use. Other subject areas within the school have use of portable wireless laptops.

Each computer suite contains 30-31 PCs with access to a variety of software programs.

ICT Resources

The school has invested heavily in specialist software to enable the enhanced delivery of subject curriculums.

The ICT curriculum area uses a variety of software programs, some include:

– Microsoft Office 2010
– Serif Design Suite comprising: DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, MoviePlus, WebPlus and PagePlus.
– Macromedia Suite comprising: Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8 and Flash 8.
– Comic Life
– Scratch
– Audacity
– Python

We also have a number of digital cameras and class sets of flipcams/Kuzo HD camcorders for use within the department.  A set of Raspberry Pis have been purchased to use with a lunchtime club and on the Key Stage 4 course.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

There are a number of lunchtime clubs available to students in all years. Some are aimed at developing or learning new skills using different software, others allow students to catch up with coursework or to work on their ILPs. Currently we have:

– Scratch club for students who wish to develop their game design or animation skills or just learn a bit more about programming.
– Raspberry Pi club for those wishing to learn more about programming.