GCSE Examination Results 2016

The Polesworth School is celebrating another phenomenal year of success for our year 11 students.

In terms of relevant performance indicators, as set by the Government, Polesworth achieved an impressive Progress 8 score of +.34. This represents progress well above the national average. In addition, the A*C English and maths is 60% and the EBACC statistic is a stunning 35%, which is well above the national average.

Maura Favell, Headteacher, stated that, ‘These results are a testament to the diligence, commitment and high quality educational experience our students have on a daily basis. I want to congratulate all students and staff for their relentless pursuit of excellence and I wish every one of our year 11 students every success for the future. Most students are now going on to further study with the majority studying A levels in our sixth form”.

Behind the headline statistics, were many individual success stories including outstanding GCSE performances from:

Jude Britton (8A*, 1 BTEC Distinction*, 3A); Cameron Smith (6A*, 7A, 1 BTEC Merit); Courtney Caile (6A*, 6A); Tom Kimpton (8A*, 2A, 2B); Gemma Isles (4A*, 8A) and Isobel Spencer (5A*, 6A, 1B)

Year 11 GCSE Exam Results 2016