Materials Technology

Materials Technolgy course leaflet

This course will help you to:-

  • develop a broad knowledge of materials, components and technologies
  • develop practical skills to produce high quality products.
  • develop decision making skills through both independent, team and collaborative work
  • communicate your decisions effectively to a third party
  • be able to read, interpret and work from drawings, plans and instructions
  • be able to produce working drawings and production plans
  • develop an understanding of quality.
  • use materials efficiently.
  • demonstrate safe working practices
  • use key technical terminology.
  • develop your evaluation skills.
  • develop an awareness of industrial practices and employment opportunities.


Unit 1: Skills demonstration

You will make a number of mini projects that will be marked against 12 practical skills.

  1. Selecting and preparing materials.
  2. Using hand tools.
  3. Forming, bending or laminating.
  4. Casting or moulding.
  5. Non-permanent joining techniques.
  6. Permanent joining techniques.
  7. Machining and the use of power tools.
  8. Quantity production.
  9. Using CAD/CAM.
  10. Using finishing techniques.
  11. Quality control.
  12. Teamwork.

Worth 30% of overall Grade

Marked by your teacher.

Unit 2: Coursework

You will make a major project that showcases the skills you have developed in Unit 1 and the knowledge  you have developed through Unit 3.

Worth 30% of overall Grade

Marked by your teacher.

Unit 3: Exam

What’s assessed?

Learners will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • materials and their working properties
  • processes and manufacture
  • joining, components, adhesives and finishes
  • product specification
  • commercial practice
  • careers opportunities.

Worth 40% of overall Grade

Externally marked.

  • One Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes

Career Opportunities

  • Commercial Designer
  • Teaching Design & Technology
  • Building Technician
  • Engineering
  • Armed Services
  • Working in Industry
  • Carpenter & Joiner
  • Garage Work
  • 3D Design
  • Cabinet Making
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Kitchen Fitter

For more information please speak to your Technology teacher.